Rip Curl Pro Peniche Looks Set to Deliver HUGE Swell

French perfection.

France rarely fails to disappoint. It’s beach break surfing at its very best. And the 2017 contest lived up to the hype. Massive airs, broken boards, dredging high tide pits – it had it all.

And then we move on to Portugal. Still reeling from the excitement of all that went down in France, the world’s best surfers arrive at Supertubos; easily one of Europe’s most famous waves, and when it’s on, easily one of the best.

Except that, in the last few years, it hasn’t really delivered. Sketchy conditions have left the mobile contest site desperately seeking continuity. The competitors have found decent scores hard to come by.

Hopefully Portugal delivers a large slice of this.

But hopefully not this year. The Atlantic has been especially turbulent this Autumn. Storms have battered and blasted the European coastline, which can mean only one thing: waves. The presence of all this frenzied activity means that the MEO Rip Curl Pro in Peniche could kick off in some sizeable swell. Forecasters are predicting waves in the overhead to well overhead range.

I hope they’ve packed the right boards.


Tom Keyes

Recently returned to the UK after several years chasing waves in Asia, Tom takes inspiration from living on the doorstep of Cornwall's finest beaches to write articles and features on all thing surf related. Regularly featured on Surfing Sections and The Inertia his work has been viewed and shared by... Read more

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