Should Surfers Feel Guilty Enjoying The Power of Destructive Hurricanes?

Riding the aftermath of Hurricane Jose

Surfers are at the whim of mother nature. Our whole sport relies on the elements combining to produce ridable waves. We watch weather charts, study swell patterns and monitor storms as they track across the vast oceans. But whilst the recent spate of hurricanes caused untold destruction throughout much of Florida and the Caribbean, in their wake they left behind powerful waves. Surfers up and down the East coast of America were reaching for their big-wave boards and paddling out to confront the might of these hurricane swells. Which begs the question: should those taking pleasure in riding these waves feel guilty about the origin of the swell? Should some consideration be made for those who’ve lost their lives as a result of the very same force of nature? No one’s going to legitimately say you shouldn’t surf, but perhaps it’s worth being respectful to the origin of huge Atlantic frenzy that generated the giant waves in the first place.

Tom Keyes

Recently returned to the UK after several years chasing waves in Asia, Tom takes inspiration from living on the doorstep of Cornwall's finest beaches to write articles and features on all thing surf related. Regularly featured on Surfing Sections and The Inertia his work has been viewed and shared by... Read more

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