Newport Wedge Wakes Up as the West Coast is Finally Delivered Some Surf

The Wedge wakes up.

It’s not often that surfers on the West coast of the US look longingly across to the their colleagues on the East coast, envious of the waves that are being sent their way. But with East coast spots lighting up of late, West coast surfers have been forced to temporarily concede their crown of ‘best coast to surf in America’.

Until this weekend, when normal service resumed. A welcome swell rolled in. And those looking for an absolute pasting headed to Newport to have sand and seawater forced hard into parts you can’t even imagine sand reaching.

Watch footage below from yesterday’s session at the Wedge.

Tom Keyes

Recently returned to the UK after several years chasing waves in Asia, Tom takes inspiration from living on the doorstep of Cornwall's finest beaches to write articles and features on all thing surf related. Regularly featured on Surfing Sections and The Inertia his work has been viewed and shared by... Read more

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