A Secure Wallet Built to Withstand Sand and Seawater

Are your cards safe and secure?

The way we’re paying for things is changing. Cash is fast becoming obsolete. A quick swipe of our contactless card is all we need to finalise a transaction. Yet the way we carry our cards has remained the same, largely because it is not widely known that the information from your contactless cards can in fact be stolen from your wallet without your wallet leaving your pocket. Thieves armed with scanners are able to lift information from your card with a simple swipe, and while occurrences are still relatively infrequent, it still makes sense to be protected from such attacks. Which is why DOSH have launched a series of stylish and secure wallets, designed to not only look good, but keep all your vulnerable information safe and secure. A stainless steel mesh discreetly housed within the wallet protects against unauthorised access to your card details ensuring your details cannot be cloned and used in your absence.

The RFID Aero wallet by Dosh, built to withstand sand and salt water.

Not only secure, its waterproof design and construction mean that this wallet will protect your valuables against the conditions of the harshest surf trip. Sand, wax and water can simply be wiped away without damaging the wallet or its contents. And to complement the wallet’s practicalities, and perhaps most importantly, the RFID Aero looks and feels great.

For more information check out the DOSH website.

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