Cornwall’s Big Wave Spot ‘The Cribbar’ Roars into Life

Newquay's big wave surf spot

Those who dared to tame the Cribbar were rewarded with once in a lifetime rides.

With the entire surf industry in temporary residence on the North Shore of Hawaii, Cornwall’s most famous big wave spot has just completed its best impression of Waimea Bay, the irony being that those decamped in and around Pipeline are currently experiencing less than favourable conditions.

Storms and squalls in the deepest corners of the Atlantic have promised this swell for a while, giving those geared up to riding Newquay’s Cribbar a chance to dust off and re-wax their rarely used big wave boards. And on Thursday, those lines that looked so promising on the charts presented themselves at the coastline as fearsome faces, taunting the Cornish surfers brave enough to roll the dice.

As with any big wave spot, the paddle out to the lineup presents a challenge, especially when trying to punch through the swell on a board carrying twice the volume of your regular shortboard. Some surfers failed to make it out through the whitewater, whilst those who did were rewarded with great lumps of water looming on the horizon.

Successfully riding the Cribbar is a rite of passage for the best surfers in the UK. A rare opportunity to prove themselves in the biggest of waves. And this December session ensured a few new members were signed up to the elusive club.

Newquay's big wave surf spot

Hold your line.

Newquay's big wave surf spot

No jet-skis meant the surfers were relying on good old fashioned paddle power to propel themselves into the waves.

Newquay's big wave surf spot

You pulling in to this?

Newquay's big wave surf spot

Newquay’s Cribbar demonstrating the UK does in fact offer big wave surfing.

Tom Keyes

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