What Makes This the Perfect Surf Watch?

Rip Curl Rifles Mid size

Is is the perfect watch for surfing?

Why have watches become so huge? It seems fashionable to have something the size of a small dog strapped to one of your wrists. It’d be cheaper, and probably lighter, to just stick a clock on your arm.

But I think I may have found the answer. The ultimate timepiece for surfing: the Rip Curl Rifles Mid Size. The watch doesn’t have endless GPS functionality, won’t tell you the speed at which you break-wind or offer to update your social media status on the fly. It just has a few simply presented but essential functions. The Rifles will tell you the time, the date and all the details of the next tide. The rubber strap is comfortable and the backlight efficiently and clearly illuminates the easy to read face. There’s even a stopwatch, imagine that.

But here’s its biggest appeal. It’s not bloody massive. You won’t be left with one arm longer than the other or start to veer off slightly to the left after a week of wearing it. The watch happily sits on your wrist minding its own business until you dare to ask it the time.

And the reason for this? Well, it’s actually a kids watch. Designed for groms, intended for juniors. Which means it bucks the trend of being ludicrously oversized and is unusually discreet.

So, if you want the perfect watch for the water, something that does everything you need in a nice tiny package, head to the kids section of your nearest surf shop.

For further info visit the Rip Curl site here.

Tom Keyes

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