SurfEars Release Their Newest Version of The Ultimate Earplugs

Surf Ears Version 2.0

Slick packaging and a variety of buds to fit ears of all sizes.

Surfer’s Ear is a condition that the majority of surfers are aware of but usually fail to do anything about. We all know we should look after our ears and are conscious that spending long periods of time in the water isn’t particularly good for the mechanics of our hearing, but how many surfers actually take the time to protect their ears? And those that do are usually doing so retrospectively after irreparable damage has already been done.

So how do we protect ourselves? And is it really worth the effort? Well the good people at SurfEars are responsible for two major leaps forward in surf earplugs, ensuring that the decision of how to protect our ears just got a whole lot easier. Firstly, they have come up with a product that genuinely works. Their recently revised SurfEars 2.0 will stay in your ear like nothing else. Thanks to winged contact points each set of plugs feel like they have been individually moulded to fit your ear. Another new addition is the inclusion of a leash to link both left and right plug together; a surefire way to ensure you won’t be losing either of your SurfEars. Combine this with a cleverly engineered mesh outer covering and the result is an earplug that allows you to maintain the majority of your hearing, even when in the water. So far, so good.

But the second, and perhaps biggest achievement, is that the creators of SurfEars have managed to produce a desirable product. SurfEars 2.0 have more in common with expensive headphones than other products designed to keep water out of your ears. The combination of slick packaging, clever marketing and endorsement from living legend Tom Carroll mean that SurfEars are a product that you not only need to own, but something you want to own. And it’s this that sets them apart from other manufacturers, giving them a fair crack at appealing to surfers of all generations.

The plugs are expensive. At nearly €50 ($55 USD) you pay for the privilege of protecting your ears. It would be nice if the manufacturer offered some form of compensation should you lose one of the plugs, especially as lost plugs should be an infrequent occurrence. However, if these are the only earplugs you ever need to buy, then it’s surely a cost you can justify.

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