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8 Essential Things Every New Surfer Should Know

Nobody likes to be a branded a ‘newbie’. In surf terms the word ‘kook’ exists specifically to label those new to the sport who...

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Why Our Obsession With Documenting Everything is Changing Our Outlook on Surfing

The modern philosophy seems to be that if it wasn’t posted on Facebook – then it didn’t really happen. Our obsession with documenting every...

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Give Your GoPro Movies a New Perspective with this Fish-Eye Lens

GoPro footage is great. Used properly the benefits are too numerous to name, and in doing so I’d only be repeating what has been...

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Intermediate to Advanced Surfer: 8 Tips that Will Improve Your Surfing

‍ Making the transition from intermediate to advanced surfer is a tricky step. And it’s one that isn’t helped by an unwillingness to accept...

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What We Would Take Surfing in: Bali

Click here to download this article with links to the products. Next up: What We Would Take Surfing in: France

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The Most Insane Footage from the Newport Wedge (featuring Jamie O’Brien)

It must be both a curse and a blessing to be able to consider Jamie O’Brien a ‘friend’. Nothing he does conforms to convention. A surf...

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Pipeline World Title Showdown: Who Wants it the Most?

This is it: the climax of 11 world-class events, the top 36 surfers landing in the spiritual home of surfing, having spent 10 months...

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