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surf hangover

Is Surfing Really the Best Hangover Cure?

I’m currently sitting at my computer hoping to goodness that the title of this article turns out to hold a shred of truth. Because...

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Will the temptation of Olympic medals see some surfers focus solely on riding artificial waves? Image © Paul Roget

What Do Artificial Waves Mean for the Future of Competitive Surfing?

Competitive surfing has always been as much about an individuals wave selection, as it has about the moves that take place on the wave...

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GoPro Hero 4 VS SJ5000X

Can this Budget Waterproof Sports Camera Genuinely Rival the GoPro?

There’s little doubt that the revolution in sports action cameras will continue to gain pace. The ease of use and quality of the images from...

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duck dive

8 Essential Things Every New Surfer Should Know

Nobody likes to be a branded a ‘newbie’. In surf terms the word ‘kook’ exists specifically to label those new to the sport who...

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In this photo taken Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012, masked Somali pirate Hassan stands near a Taiwanese fishing vessel that washed up on shore after the pirates were paid a ransom and released the crew, in the once-bustling pirate den of Hobyo, Somalia. The empty whisky bottles and overturned, sand-filled skiffs that litter this shoreline are signs that the heyday of Somali piracy may be over - most of the prostitutes are gone, the luxury cars repossessed, and pirates talk more about catching lobsters than seizing cargo ships. (AP Photo/Farah Abdi Warsameh)

The Most Dangerous Places to Surf on the Planet: 3 Destinations You’ll Never Get to Visit

‍‍ Surfing often offers a unique glimpse into unknown environments. The search for waves takes you to places you wouldn’t normally venture and allows...

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Light Therapy

This Beautiful Surf Film is Art: ‘Light Therapy’

Filmed on location in New Zealand and Australia, ‘Light Therapy’ was carefully shot with the intention of utilising only available light within the hours...

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Fearsome peaks of Pipeline

Pipeline World Title Showdown: Who Wants it the Most?

This is it: the climax of 11 world-class events, the top 36 surfers landing in the spiritual home of surfing, having spent 10 months...

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